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Joining the Dames was the single best investment I made in my business- and myself- in years, and one that continues to pay off exponentially every single month. As a professional writer, so much of my work has been a 'one-woman-show.' I've never in my life been surrounded- or supported, or celebrated, or inspired- by as many passionate, driven, incredible women as I am now in this group, but more importantly, I never realized just how much of an impact that support could have. My revenue has nearly doubled and the caliber of clients I'm working with has skyrocketed as a direct result of the power partnerships- and genuine, real-life friendships- I've formed within the Dames. My only regret is not having found this amazing group sooner. It's the real deal. And a no-brainer.

"The Dames provides that rarest and most desirable asset for professional women - a loving, supportive ecology of women who are succeeding at the highest levels, but also deeply invested in community and lifelong learning. Since joining the Dames we've been overwhelmed with growth opportunities, adding an extra 6 figures to our revenue AND getting access to more exclusive business communities.  As Meghann says, this is not done by "selling to," but by "selling through" - taking the time to form quality relationships and the benefits continue to compound over time.  I wouldn't trade our Dames membership for anything - not even a weekend with The Weekend, and as a giant hip hop fan, that's saying something!"

I have been networking since I started my company 8 years ago and not all groups are created equally! When I was looking for a highly value-driven group of similar and farther-along business owners, I was pleased to get connected to The Dames. The trainings and education has been great and I have developed some truly authentic connections and power partners that either add value to the services we provide our clients. If you are looking for a unique group driven by creating meaningful connections and value adding events, this is the place to be.

I am an ambivert who doesn't like networking. This is not your normal business membership group. The 500K group has been a huge help for me - I have gained insightful knowledge from these other incredible women. The feeling of belonging and having access to a huge network of women owned businesses has been super beneficial to my mental health!

Becky Ezzell

Becky Ezzell
Keep Smart Books

I saw somewhere once that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I also know if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. I love how often I experience that uncomfortable feeling at The Dames! The little imposter syndrome, or the "wow - she just said some next level-ish that I'll be processing all weekend." It's a sign that I'm in an environment that will challenge me to level up toward where I'm headed.


Makisha Boothe
Founder, Sistahbiz®

This group has a heart and a soul that is so unique and empowering.  Thank you for sharing your real stories, balancing the poking good fun and the 'girl, you good?' at the stumbles and the fall-on-ya-face moments, and CELEBRATING the wins, the growth, the clarity, the connection, the getting up again. This is the first group I have been a part of that meets me where I am right now and, in the same breath, stretches me towards even bigger, more sparkly, more connection, more impact, more money.

I walked into 2020 with an 80% revenue loss due to the Pandemic. Through some pivotal power partnerships and Dames training, I ended up doubling my business by the end of the year. On a personal note, I also was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 (I am currently cancer-free!). The relationships I made not only provided me with the team that surrounded me and allowed me to take care of myself (I hired from within the Dames) but their notes, messages, and phone calls kept me afloat. Hands down, becoming a member of The Dames has made THE difference in my business and in my life.

It was challenging to find a peer-to-peer group when I returned to the corporate world after running a business for 16 years. I love The Dames so much because, with every interaction with a Dame, I see parts of my past, present, or future self - it's an organization filled with women from every walk of life with one thing in common: an authentic pursuit to be the best version of themselves, professionally and personally.

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Honestly, I'm very protective of my time so it takes a lot to get me to join any sort of group. I heard great things about the Dames but in hindsight.... I think they undersold it! I've made wonderful connections. Sometimes I'm chatting with someone and I can't imagine that I didn't know them 30 minutes ago. I've made great business connections, had some wonderful guests on my podcast, and just continue to benefit in every way.

The Dames definitely gets you out of the cringe of networking. I've met amazing people and I've gotten some tips and suggestions that I've implemented in my business. In general, I get to just absorb the awesomeness around me!


Charlotte Allen
Rebel Success for Leaders

One of best parts of The Dames is the professional development. For example, after just a couple of in-depth presentations on email marketing, we were able to increase our open rates from 15-20% to consistently hitting 30-40%. We increased our engagement, brand awareness, and even converted sales from a marketing stream that we had largely done poorly or ignored outright. Thanks, Dames!

Over the last year being a part of The Dames has DIRECTLY impacted my business. I have received new clients, speaking engagements that lend to business and referrals. I came to The Dames because I was interested in growing my reach and that is exactly what happened, plus I found a community I love to be a part of.

Jennifer Urezzio-min

Jennifer Urezzio
Founder, Soul Language

Within my first week, I had a $2,000 VIP client who was awesome and was such a delight to work with. It isn't about size for me.  It's about quality. Great organization, amazing women, well-organized and incredible value for the money.

"Thank you for bringing us all together! The Dames is THE place where I network, laugh, and grow with the best of the best around the globe; I can share and listen with my local sisters; I can get down and dirty with an intimate group of ladies who call me on my crap in my power partner mastermind group. I have also worked with several Dames who have provided e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t service to my company."

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Thank you so much for making such great strategic matches for me as part of my Dames membership!! One introduction that you made recently has introduced me to three very appropriate, qualified power partners and one potential client!

This group is about helping you see things you can’t see; lift you up when you’re feeling like a hot mess; validating your feelings; understanding your challenges; calling you on your sh*t 😜, raising your game. Also, I absolutely LOVE being around other business owners who make me uncomfortable - in a GOOD WAY. They ask questions I don't know the answer to and have resources I’m unfamiliar with.

I am so impressed by the Dames. I don't impress easily, and I have been in so many groups and dropped most of them over the last couple years for several reasons...but damn! You are killing it and making such an amazing impact on some impressive and amazing women. I am so glad that I made the time to come and join!

I can't imagine where I (or my business) would be without the deep friendships I've made in The Dames - they challenge you to push beyond the status quo to grow your business with integrity, grace, and authenticity. In the last 7 months, I have more than doubled my revenue and am finally leveraging my unique voice in a way I didn't even realize was lost. When I joined the Dames, I was looking for a place where I could pour into women and be poured into in return. I've found all of that and more in The Dames!

I am SO happy with my decision to become a chapter president. I love that I get to connect with powerhouses in a meaningful way while the national Dames team does all the heavy lifting of marketing emails, updating the website, and delivering great content. This is to say nothing of the lead generation, additional income stream, and the pleasure of working with Meghann and her team.


Ashley Quinto Powell
Ashley Powell Consulting

As a long time member, I've benefited from unparalleled support and empowerment, a feeling of true connection to amazing businesswomen around the globe and endless 'a-ha' moments that have helped me grow my business. I have also gained tens of thousands of dollars each year in leads and closed sales from power partners who are Dames. But most importantly, I've had the opportunity to create friendships that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

I can't even call this a networking group - it's a community full of potential friends, mentors and all around badass women in business. I was so burned out on traditional business building and networking, and thankfully I can grow my business without ever having to deal with that again!

My favorite part of the Dames so far is when I have a need to refer someone, I have a whole slew of fabulous people to ask if they do it or know someone. They have yet to disappoint. Even when looking for a real estate attorney in Nebraska. There is no Nebraska Dames chapter. They are just connected.

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DamesCO0220 -60

I always have a great experience at The Dames. I love the community, the love and the pure joy of being in a room with other women that own larger businesses! It seems the majority of networking events and groups attract more solopreneurs, which is awesome, but not always my target market. I love Denver Dames!

At The Dames we are all in growth mode and helping each other out at each level. This approach helps us all rise together, making us stronger, happier, and more supported! Plus it's always fun and engaging showing up for each other!

The Dames is the first community I’ve been part of where I feel like I’m among peers. Women who are doing what I’m doing, facing or have faced my challenges, and provide real, meaningful support.

There is always room for improvement and being around these women increases your game. They challenge you, inspire you, motivate you and hold you accountable! They also help you unleash your inner power and keep you moving forward!

Dawn Mullarney_headshot

Dawn Mullarney
Smart Solutions, Inc

I received 8 times my investment as a sponsor for The Dames - and that was all generated at the event I sponsored! That is AWESOME and allows me to serve several new clients with my hand analysis work. Woo-hoo!

Jayne Sanders_headshot

Jayne Sanders
Precision Wisdom

The Dames offers unique events for growth-minded business women in a fun atmosphere. Even though the events are business focused it is truly the opposite of traditional networking, which I have found creates much deeper and longer lasting connections.

I feel so loved and supported by everyone, thank you. I feel like I can be vulnerable, share what is happening in life and business, and don't have to fear being judged. The trainings are amazing - they keep you growing and the instructors are by experts in their fields. There is so much value for such a reasonable pricetag!

Donna Marino Psyd_headshot

Dr. Donna M. Marino, PsyD
Psychologist & Executive Coach

My time is precious, so connecting with real referral partners is important. Before I joined The Dames, I had let go of some networking groups that were full of broke people selling to each other. I wanted to meet colleagues with successful businesses. I wanted peers. Within three WEEKS I had made some great connections and knew I would stay.

Clearly, we put our money where our mouths are!


Being a part of the Dames during the pandemic has been a continuous reminder that this community of women are different than others I've met. They haven't let the state of the world be an excuse for not continuing to stay positive, move their businesses forward, and take charge dealing with uncertainty. These connections have been invaluable as I navigate my industry in a new city and what continues to be thrown my way each day.

It has been helpful, supportive and inspiring to build an engaged community of women who are where I am and where I am going in business. It is helpful in a practical perspective too. I just hired 2 new people for my team who were recommendations from Dames. Whether I have been in a place of slow steady growth or rapid growth like I am now, there is someone who has suggestions, willing to celebrate my wins with me or to provide moral support when I get overwhelmed.

I love the sense of community in the Dames--being with women who know where you are, where you've been, where you're going, and are happy to collaborate!

Since becoming a virtual member of The Dames in 2020, I’ve connected with collaborators who have sent me high-quality leads and helped me think bigger while having fun along the way! I've also taught a Next Level Skills Training which elevated me to a thought leader in the community and attracted two key high-level leads to my business.

I had no real idea how much support I would get with the trainings as well as the library. I have met so many like-minded people and attended many trainings. All of the trainings have been incredibly helpful! I have learned a lot, and am making connections with people who can help me move my goals forward. I feel incredibly supported by The Dames.

I’ve received more value in the first 3 weeks (I think 3 or 4) of being a member of The Dames than in years in other networking groups. Real value of connections that matter, useful content and authentic support. Thank you!

By attending JUST ONE of the monthly Next Level Training programs, I discovered a key element I was missing in my 6-figure business. I also learned what to do about it and received resources to help me. That is an amazing ROI in both time and money.

Kathy Gougenhour

Kathy Gougenhour

Before the Dames it was difficult to find women who would both support and challenge me - it was one or the other. Plus, it’s fantastic to not always be the smartest person in the room! There are so many brilliant women in the Dames that it’s easy to network and find both peers and mentors.

Laura Pence Atencio_headshot

Laura Pence Atencio
Founder, Social Savvy Geek

Why hello again! Seriously, the water's fine.


When I became a member of The Dames I was confident that I could weather it, even though my pre-COVID 2 year plan has sort of gone to hell. There is a prevalence of amateur information out there, convincing people that “hacks” are all it takes to be successful. The Dames don’t play that! Since joining, I’ve met folks who have said, “Ok, so you want to elevate your profile, then do THIS since right now we can’t do THAT” and it’s been HUGE!

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella
Founder & CEO, L-12 SERVICES

It's an incredible experience to be able to chat with ladies who have "been there and done that." It's so refreshing to have high level conversations and see how we can collaborate, not compete. I have also been able to send a few referrals in confidence that they are in great hands.

Thank you for introducing me to The Dames! It has only been a few weeks, but I am so impressed by the women in the group! How positive and uplifting everyone is and the programming is on point! What a huge bonus! Today I had my intro call and within seconds was able to connect a person on their to a few people in my network to help her! LOVE IT!! Goosebumps!

At The Dames we are all in growth mode and helping each other out at each level. This approach helps us all rise together, making us stronger, happier, and more supported! Plus it's always fun and engaging showing up for each other!

There's no other group that has attracted such high caliber members with info that's relevant to them to continue building their businesses. There are few groups that I'll attend after I speak there. The Dames is one.

The Dames constantly makes me level up so I’m constantly learning and I get to be around confident, amazing women who have the same drive and desire for impact as I do.

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