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We believe in a world where more women reach the top 15% in business - without missing out on life.

How do  we get there? That's the question. The answer (and our uncompromising mission) is to create opportunities for strategic matchmaking and collaborative growth so that we produce radical change through our shared brilliance - ALL while rejecting outdated ideas about “getting ahead.”

Global Connections. Strategic Power Partners.

Be a part of a global network of women who understand that it's not enough to simply be at the top - it's about what you do with it.

Join The Dames today and you'll be hand-matched with collaborators to cross-refer business, solve complex challenges, and build 'business bestie' relationships that will undoubtedly change the course of your business - and your life!

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Far-flung, but still ready to connect and grow globally?


Connect globally and in-person with high-caliber women like you.

Why You'll Love The Dames

"When I became a member of The Dames I was confident that I could weather it, even though my pre-COVID 2 year plan had sort of gone to hell. There is a prevalence of amateur information out there. The Dames don’t play that! Since joining, I’ve met folks who have said, “Ok, so you want to elevate your profile, then do THIS since right now we can’t do THAT” and it’s been HUGE!"

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella
Founder & CEO, L-12 SERVICES

Before I joined The Dames, I had let go of some networking groups that were full of broke people selling to each other. I wanted to meet colleagues with successful businesses. I wanted peers. Within three WEEKS I had made some great connections and knew I would stay. What I love about The Dames is the targeted networking and the high-caliber of the people.”

Elizabeth Bachman

Elizabeth Bachman
Presentation Skills Trainer

"Being a part of the Dames during the pandemic has been a continuous reminder that this community of women is different than others I've met. They haven't let the state of the world be an excuse for not continuing to stay positive, move their businesses forward, and take charge dealing with uncertainty. These connections have been invaluable as I navigate my industry in a new city."

Samantha Schultz

Samantha Schultz
ACC, Franchise Owner

New Here? 

We'll show you what we're all about and help you make connections with other powerhouse women from day number one. That's a promise.

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