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Press plays a vital role in sharing our philosophy about how businesses can (and should) be built. The Dames wouldn't be where it is today without the support of the media. For press inquiries please email or call 720-505-4120.

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“We Believe In The Power of Connection and Collaboration"

Women business owners share 'secret sauce' at event held at Sweetgrass Lounge

The Dames was featured in Charleston, SC on ABC4 News! We are so proud of our Dames of Charleston Chapter President, Whitney McDuff!

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“Creating a Membership Program"

Heart-Centered Sales Leader - May 2021

When you hear the word networking, does dread fall upon you? Do you think, here we go again, networking is full of business card stabbers, negative energy, and people entering into the Networking Witness Protection Program. Meghann Conter explains that NEW networking is full of abundance, growing businesses, personal and professional life harmony, and power partnerships that light us UP!

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“How Generosity Builds The Best Communities"

The Lisa Pezik Show: Episode 190 - April 2021

Lisa Pezik and Meghann sit down to discuss. How to avoid entering into the network witness protection with pitchy-run communities. Why The Dames’ secret sauce is running like a "reverse mullet" and why that matters to communities; the 3 parts of generosity and why it sets communities up for success; why women led businesses give you a #hearton and inspire collaboration over competition.

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Creating a Membership Program
“Creating a Membership Program"

the STaR Coach Show: Episode 226 - March 2021

We are always looking for different ways to leverage our small businesses to create the impact we want. One way to make that happen is with a membership site. Meghann explains the origins of her community, the steps to creating a successful membership and website to match, as well as the importance of listening to your members as you innovate.

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“Work Miracles"

Manifesting with Meg & Meghann Conter: Episode 52 - December 2020

Celebrating December - the Month of Magic & Miracles! Meghann shares her enreprenurial journey and the story of The Dames rapid growth and impact in a conversation with writer, inspirational speaker, a success coach, and attorney Meg Nocero.

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“Removing Your Cinder Blocks"

Women Your Mother Warned You About Podcast - October 2020

Gina Trimarco and Rachel Pitts talk with Meghann Conter about The Dames, and also delve into deeper discussions about being vulnerable, focusing on our path, meditation, sobriety, and self-discovery. Oh, and some French lessons!! You won’t want to miss it.

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Talking With Terri & Meghann Conter

Talking With Terri - September 2020

Fear may not be a barrier for everyone. In a conversation with Teri Karjala, Meghann shares how shame became her greatest hurdle and how she gained clarity to transform her life and business that contributed to her success story.

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Business Women with Meghann Conter

Elite Expert Insider - September 2020

Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster, owners of Elite Online Publishing, interview Meghann Conter, the founder and chief laugh instigator of, discussing everything from how to be the most efficient at networking events to overcoming mindset limitations.

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“Women to Watch"

ColoradoBiz Magazine - July/August 2020

"Women leaders definitely know how to band together during difficult times. The Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce, The Dames, The Women of Denver, WoMAN, and Extraordinary Women Connect have banded together to lift one another up and support female entrepreneurship during this time of crisis."

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“In networking, there’s nothing like a Dame”

In Business Magazine, Greater Madison - July 6, 2020

"The Dames’ first Madison event in February, just before COVID-19 became a pandemic, was attended by 80 women, and is considered the biggest launch in the group’s history. It has been sustained virtually with plans for a resumption of in-person gatherings once it’s deemed safe to do so."

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“How Are You Nurturing Your Clients Today?”

Grit and Grace Podcast, May 5th, 2020

We are living in wild times that have brought significant changes to many of our businesses. In this episode Meghann Conter joins the show to talk about how to nurture your clients and look at how to provide heart centered value to your clients and customers.

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“Fearless Collaboration"

Boss Women Rock Podcast, Spring 2016

"If you're like most six and seven-figure business owners, the average networking event leaves you feeling drained as newer business owners "pick your brain" and offer up unsolicited business cards. Meghann Conter decided to do something about it. In this episode hear how she created a global community of successful women in business by embracing fearless collaboration and having fun too."

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“Creating Intentional Connections"

Community For The Soul Podcast, November 20, 2019

"Meghann Conter is the founder of The Dames, a nationwide membership-based community of powerhouse women who own or lead rapidly growing six and seven-figure businesses. They connect through in-person events in Colorado, California (and expanding across the country) at humor-filled events and in an online, virtual community, with members all around the country to laugh, learn and grow together."

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“The Dames: Empowering Women Led Businesses"

Super Brand Publishing, January 20th, 2020

"Helping many female-led businesses maximize their impact on the world, today’s guest, Meghann Conter, graces the show to talk about her empowering networking community. Meghann shares with us her mission and how women need as much personal growth as professional in order to succeed in business and life."

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“Issues Faced by High-Earning Women Entrepreneurs"

Prosperity Place with Joan Sotkin, July 5th, 2019

"Over the course of her action-packed career, Meghann Conter has helped hundreds of female-led businesses maximize their impact on the world. She founded The Dames 4 years ago with the dream of making the million dollar revenue mark a reality for more mission-driven women. And as with everything she does, she’s shared her belief that work, marketing, and everything in between can be both fun and profitable."

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“How to Build Power Partnerships "

Conscious Millionaire with JV Crum, December 2019

"Join us as Meghann Conter shares her insights and knowledge. On each episode JV interviews a marketer, successful entrepreneur, or expert on how to grow your business and reach your First Million. This is the show for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to create a positive impact and make their First Million."

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“What do you need to leave behind to get to where you’re going?"

Extraordinary Women Radio with Kami Guildner, April 2018

"I’m so excited to share today’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview with you with my good friend, Meghann Conter. And Meghann – I’m thrilled to say is on fire right now in her business and her life. She’s in the flow. She made some pretty big shifts in her life in the past year though – she had to let go of the things that weren’t serving her – the things, “that had to be left behind” in order to get to her BHAG – her big hairy audacious goal."

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Get Local & Get “Out of Serious!”

Build your network locally, virtually, and globally, all in one membership Enjoy chapter-specific events (free of business card stabbers and brain pickers) of women playing at and above your level.

Included With Your Local Membership

Strategic Matchmaking

Our Strategic Matchmaking service is worth thousands; you won’t lift a finger while we connect you to your most powerful strategic partners. No need to scroll through a directory - we’ll take time to learn about you and then connect you with exactly who you need to know to grow your business. 

Million Dollar Power Hours

Join our seven-figure business owners for virtual lessons on how to get your business to that million dollar mark and beyond. Learn from their pitfalls, achievements, and stories. Why reinvent the wheel? Let our community of award-winning business owners lay a foundation for you!

Next-Level Growth Sessions

Skills you actually want for the stage of business you're in. You request the topics and we source invaluable content from leaders nationwide! Develop yourself, professionally and personally, with the help of our carefully-selected subject matter experts.

Dames Connect Hours (B2B/B2C)

Find a power partner, get advice, spotlight your business, ask for referrals, all from the couch. Cross-refer business and resources and collaborate during these events! These events are worth the bandwidth you’ll dedicate to them.

Digital Learning Library

Even if you’ve just joined our community, you’ll get instant access to every Power Hour, Virtual Hug & Huddle, and Growth Session we’ve ever recorded. Cut your learning curve with essential solutions and skills you can use to tackle the challenges we all face in the today’s economy.

In-Person Events

To us, laughter isn’t just medicine—it’s a catalyst for building relationships and crushing through obstacles. Our local chapter events harness this power at every turn. You can also attend other chapter events at a discounted rate!

* Local chapter memberships dues range from $67-$77/mo., as determined by each chapter. Please visit your chapter’s page for pricing!

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“Amazing ROI!"

By attending JUST ONE of the monthly Next Level Training programs, I discovered a key element I was missing in my 6-figure business. I also learned what to do about it and received resources to help me. That is an amazing ROI in both time and money.

- Kathy. G, Business Coach &Trainer