Don't let distance
limit your growth!

What should you do when there isn’t local chapter near you (yet)? Join our virtual chapter of course!

Connect with women around the world who are ready to share what they know - learn from minds and perspectives that will enhance your ability to grow, create solutions, and influence radical change.

A Network Without Boundaries
Just $97/Month or $1,067/Year!

Our virtual membership is available to women who work and live
more than 75 miles away from a local chapter.

Strategic Matchmaking Service

Don’t leave it to chance or waste precious time! You go through our Dames Power Partner Process to inform us who you need to know and what goals you want to achieve, and helps you learn how to build and nourish these long-term relationships, and then we match with your fellow Dames so you can collaborate (think: cross refer, mastermind, increase your footprint) powerfully!

World Café Events

Do you do business internationally (with international clients/operations)? Tap into our global community through a connecting event with deep conversations specifically for you! We’ll dive into the topics that are most present as we work across cultures, currencies, and characteristics. Bring your open mind and willing heart, and let’s get to know each other as we tackle the relevant global topics we face as women in business.

Dames Connect Hours

Get advice, spotlight your business, ask for what you desire/need, and make connections for others/have your connection needs met to expand and deepen your network within The Dames and beyond!

Get advice, spotlight your business, ask for what you desire/need, and make connections for others/have your connection needs met to expand and deepen your network within The Dames and beyond!

Enriching Conversations

Deep connection, fierce collaboration, engaging conversation, and a whole lot of fun as we dive into celebration, sales, leadership, and how to shamelessly bring our brilliance and true unique selves to table! We’ll be using the power of collaborative intentions and energy to spark change and connect on a deeper level.

Next Level Skills Trainings

Skills you actually want for the stage of business you're in. You request the topics and we source invaluable content from leaders nationwide! Develop yourself, professionally and personally, with the help of our carefully-selected subject matter experts.

Million Dollar Power Hours

Join our seven-figure business owner “Dames of Influence” for virtual lessons on how to get your business to that million dollar mark and beyond. Learn from their pitfalls, achievements, and raw, “non-PR -scripted” stories. Why reinvent the wheel? Let our community of award-winning, statistic-slaying business owners lay a foundation for you!

Virtual Hug & Huddles

These video huddles, much like one during any sporting event, are a great place for virtual members to feel like a TEAM - motivating and celebrating each other from across the globe.

Mastermind Calls/Circles

These intimate and connected Dame-to-Dame sessions are structured to help members at the $100K, $250K, $500K, corporate leader, and 7-figure levels. Gaining feedback from a sounding board who understands the inherent challenges at your level is paramount! This is your problem-solving think-tank for hiring, retention, leadership and culture-building.

Members-Only Facebook
& LinkedIn Groups

Be sure to join so you can stay up on the latest of your fellow members, share your wins, big asks, and more! This is where many referrals are requested, so please check in frequently!

Digital Learning Library

Even if you’ve just joined our community, you’ll get instant access to every Power Hour, Virtual Hug & Huddle, and Growth Session we’ve ever recorded. Cut your learning curve with essential solutions and skills you can use to tackle the challenges we all face in the today’s economy.

Extravaganza & Happier Hour Events

To us, laughter isn’t just medicine—it’s a catalyst for building relationships and crushing through obstacles. Our local chapter Extravaganza and Happier Hour events harness this power at every turn. Virtual Members get 20% off Extravaganza and Happier Hour event ticket prices upon registration.

20% Discount Tickets Available!

Find community wherever you are!

This is your chance to expand beyond corners of where you live and connect across cultures – collaborate with top women-owned businesses around the world and take your mission to the next level.

How we operate

Trade High-Stress For High-Caliber

 We’re here to help women work less while achieving more. Our chapters vanquish overbooked calendars by bringing together world-class women and ceaselessly confronting the myth of “virtuous hustle.”

Collaborate, Fearlessly

We climb through connection - rather than competition - with levels of empathy, intuition, love, and generosity on par with that of Princess Diana (we are Dames, after all). We believe there is endless room at the top.

Get Out of Serious

We laugh out loud and OFTEN because it’s the signature of joy, a catalyst for creativity, and vital in breaking through to limitless growth. It’s how we escape the illusion of scarcity, as well as the nagging temptation to throw in the towel.

Evolve in Broad Daylight

We consider the mess of change as beautiful, necessary, and machine-washable. We share transparent stories around our wins and battle scars because there are no mistakes - only insights that bring us all closer to the seven-figure mark and beyond.

Emma Veiga-Malta

“It’s possible to support each other from a distance!"

Since becoming a virtual member seven months ago, I’ve connected with collaborators who have sent me high-quality leads and helped me think bigger while having fun along the way! I've also attended a Next Level Skills Training which elevated me to a thought leader in the community and attracted two key high-level leads to my business.

- Emma Veiga-Malta

Who is virtual membership for?

To ensure that you will connect with other high-caliber women, we require that our members are women who:

• Lead and grow their own 6 and 7-figure companies and nonprofits, OR
• Hold Director/equivalent and higher roles within large organizations
• Align with our values (see above)


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