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Level Up!

We're a community of women running six and seven-figure businesses who aren’t afraid to reveal the secrets behind their success (or to help you grow your skills!).


When we say community, we mean it. Mentorship and collaboration is what we’re all about. We exchange mutual care and interest first, business cards second.


To us, laughter isn’t just medicine—it’s a catalyst for building relationships and crushing through obstacles. Our comedy nights are one of the many ways we harness this power.

What’s With The Name?

The Dames [The-Dame-zzz]


  1. A powerhouse of influential women who own six and seven-figure businesses, and those in senior leadership roles in corporations and nonprofits (directors to C-suite leaders)
  2. A membership organization where women learn, laugh, connect, and grow together from anywhere in the world
  3. (Historically) the title given to a woman equivalent to the rank of knight—we might not be royalty, but we are all a pretty big deal, despite not being so serious all the time

Upcoming In-Person Events

Stay tuned for more dates!!!!

Award Recipients

Recognizing 7-Figure Business Women

Dames Evolving Women In Business Award: This award is presented to a woman who runs a company that generates at least $1 million in annual revenues. We celebrate and honor her achievements, and she becomes a mentor to The Dames community.

We Love Questions & Collaboration

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