The Dames Difference

We're an international membership-based community of women who own or lead rapidly growing six and seven-figure organizations. We live and work all over the world and come together to learn and grow our businesses.

Mentorship and fearless collaboration define us. Fun, love, and flexibility is how we get things done. We're relentlessly committed to those core values and we’re bringing a new paradigm of business to the marketplace—acting with empathy, intuition, and generosity to create possibilities that the old ways of building revenue never could.

Demystifying The Million Dollar Mark

Untapped Potential Doesn't Stand a Chance in Our Presence!

Less than two percent of women-owned businesses in the United States ever hit $1M in revenue—a startling fact that prompted Dames Founder, Meghann Conter, to take serious action.

She knew that traditional networking and community building wouldn’t be enough to solve this problem, and her experiences swapping battle stories with other female business leaders told her it was time for something new.

Meghann imagined a place where that million dollar mark became radically within reach for more six-figure, impact, and mission-driven femmepreneurs.

A community where women who have already reached that level could share their wisdom and be inspired to help other women get there too.

She envisioned a global network of like-minded collaborators who laugh often, hug when they feel like it, and reach new heights together.

That’s how The Dames was born.


What's With The Name?

The Dames [The-Dame-zzz]; noun:

1. A powerhouse of influential women who own six and seven-figure businesses, and those in senior leadership roles in corporations and nonprofits (directors to C-suite leaders).

2. A membership organization where women learn, laugh, connect, and grow together from anywhere in the world.

3. (Historically) the title given to a woman equivalent to the rank of knight—we might not be royalty, but we are all a pretty big deal, despite not being so serious all the time.

We’re Evolving
Women in Business

Our award recipients believe in shining the light and showing the way to the million dollar mark and beyond so that more of us can create more impact, more jobs, and drive our missions to more people.

Ready To Grow
With Us?

Learn from who have gone before you, women who have not only survived but thrived—women who harness the power of laughter to break down barriers and make connections deeply and quickly.