We believe in a world where more women lead, found, and grow million-dollar revenue businesses - without missing out on life.

How do  we get there? That's the question. The answer (and our uncompromising mission) is to create opportunities for laughter, mentorship, learning, and collaboration that support business and personal growth - ALL while rejecting outdated ideas about “getting ahead.”

The Dames Registered Logo in Purple Circle

Every community starts with a thirst for connection...

...but in the case of The Dames, blistering disillusionment and mind-numbing boredom were also part of the equation. Be honest, you’ve been there - alone at the top, working hard to get ahead, staring at your overbooked calendar, and feeling like you must have a target on your back that says “sell to me.”

That’s exactly where Meghann Conter was in 2015. Her business was scaling, her eyes were glazing over, and her brain had been picked to death at yet another conventional networking event. 

What do you do when you realize that most networking isn’t just insincere by nature, but by design?

For Meghann the solution was simple: Write a new set of rules and invite ridiculously smart, accomplished women to play by them.

By creating laughter-filled events and a culture of collaborative growth, soulful connection, and unvarnished storytelling, Meghann didn’t just change the networking scene in her town — she launched a global community that actively dismantles unsustainable ideas about how women should behave in business.


Today, our community spans 37 states, five continents, and the hearts of women who understand each other fundamentally. 

Our members are women who refuse to rob themselves of joy, or to continue to bite their tongues. Power partners who experience the tangible truth of just how much is available to us when we give without expectation - as well as what is wildly out of reach for those who don’t. Dames hold each other’s feet to the fire, evolve in broad daylight, and we never stop growing.

If you’re an impassioned connector, you’re already one of us.