The Dames Featurette with Olympia Hostler: Get 6 Figures Being a Guest on Podcasts

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Olympia Hostler is a business consultant who CEOs hire to discover their fastest path to freedom of time and money so that they can scale their businesses smartly. I give my clients optimal strategies for them so that they know the right thing to do at the right time, without the distraction of squirrels that are wasting time and money. I work with CEOs whose mission is in their DNA.

Best power partners who refer the best clients to Olympia: money professionals (CPAs, financial advisors, business bankers, speaker coaches, podcasters, mastermind hosts and digital marketers)

3 tips for savvy business owners:

  • You can’t be wealthy until you’re comfortable receiving money
  • Make sure you have passive streams of income
  • No matter how hard you work, if your mindset, heartset, and bodyset blocks aren’t eradicated, you will be constantly blocked and/or tested.

Personal growth tips:

  • Always be connected to your infallible GPS system (your intuition)
  • Move your body!
  • Regularly embody the clearing of your mindset, heartset and bodyset blocks

Olympia’s offers:


Type “PODCAST” to 917-288-7477 to receive the Women’s Top 10 Podcasts and information on the

“GET 6 FIGURES GUESTING ON PODCASTS” 🎙️ training that shows you how to:

> 💸 💸 💸 Make 6 Figures being HEARD and not SEEN in your PJs – without makeup.

> The secret is being a Guest on other people’s Podcasts which is Free, Fast & Fun

> Why be a guest on podcasts 🎙️🎙️🎙️?

41% of podcast listeners have income over $75,000/year

  • Your ideal clients are listening to podcasts now more than ever - There are 1,200,000+ podcasts for you to choose from (up 25% in 2 months)
  • It's easy to monetize your appearances into cash when you have the proven system


Take the super fun My Money Blocks Quiz at to quickly discover what’s stopping you from easily scaling your business

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