The Dames Featurette with Misha Schryer: Pushing Wall Street Fear and Hype Off The Deep End.

In this Dames Featurette, Meghann Conter, the Founder of The Dames interviews Misha Schryer!

A word from Misha:

Hello there – I’m Misha Schryer, I’m President and Founder of Headway Financial Solutions. At Headway we are dedicated to teaching people what Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about Wall Street. We teach an academic approach to investing which helps you to avoid the necessity of needing to predict the future for a successful financial future. We focus not only on the academic approach to investing but we also look at the brain science around investing and how the media can get us whipped into a frenzy.
Our investor education seminars are designed to help you break through the cycle of anxiety and frustration so you can begin your journey towards investing Zen.

Check out the Events Page at www. for upcoming events – isn’t it time you analyzed if you are taking unnecessary risks with your future?

In this interview, you’ll learn about her mission, what she does to keep the FUN in business, her top 3 milestones in business that have brought her to where she is today, 3 lessons she learned growing her company, and other important life and business lessons!

Watch the interview here:

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