The Dames Featurette with Joan Van De Griek: Pay Taxes Now, Later or Never

In this Dames Featurette, Meghann Conter, the Founder of The Dames interviews Joan Van De Griek.

Joan is one of the elite TOP 2% of all CPAs and life / annuity brokers who know the secrets that the AFFLUENT 1% have known through GENERATIONS of WEALTH. She is the bridge who makes them available and accessible to almost anyone through her proprietary “Pay tax now, later or NEVER!”system.

In this interview, you’ll learn about her mission, what she does to keep the FUN in business, her top 3 milestones in business that have brought her to where she is today, 3 lessons she learned growing her company, and other important life and business lessons!

Watch the interview here:

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