The Dames Featurette with Andrea Enright: Get Brave with Your Brand!

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Andrea Enright is the Founder of The Boot Factor, a branding storytelling agency, and we help you be BRAVE with your brand. The Boot Factor is the degree to which your personal brand is kicking ass and I help coaches and consultants be as impressive on line as they are in-person. That means a good LinkedIn profile, an elevator pitch that makes you feel good, and a piece of marketing collateral that makes websites feel cumbersome. 

Some major milestones since Andrea started her business in 2002

  • When I got my first website in 2003 -- I was so ahead of my time!
  • AHA moment in 2017 when I was SO frustrated with my business and my husband suggested that I ONLY do the things that I love most and just focus on that (what a revolutionary concept we entrepreneurs often overlook!)
  • When I started speaking in 2017
  • Getting a virtual assistant
  • Getting a business partner - we have SO much fun together!

Some lessons Andrea’s learned that she’d love to impart on other business owners

  • You have to invest more than you think. Deal with your risk worry of going into debt - you have to spend money to make money
  • Really find lead generation strategies that you LOVE

Andrea’s personal growth and development strategies

  • Mediocre running; music gets me out there and fuels me
  • I dance - especially random 1980s dance routines
  • I leave the house and take alone time away from my husband and child to recharge and refuel. “It’s ok to take alone time and know when you need it!” “What you are teaching your child by being there every moment for them… is not going to help them later.”
  • Do your “soul work” which feeds your “work work”-- do something out of your head, I consider these in the categories of art, music, books, exercise, food, relationships

Your theme that’s overarching in The Boot Factor right now is: I want to see you get brave with your brand. Andrea Enright would like to see you go put one thing on your LinkedIn profile right now that’s personal to you and makes you feel vulnerable ; that makes you feel like you’re baring your soul to the world a bit… that will start the ball rolling!

Please call Andrea and do a 20-minute “elevator pitch rework” session with her -- create a ‘brick through the window’ elevator pitch that makes people say “wait, what do you do?” 303-746-1506 or email 

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