You deserve a place where you can find other fearless collaborators. An experience where you can trade high-stress for high-caliber, and never, ever find yourself roaming aimlessly - our Northern Colorado Happier Hours are that place.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022
4:30pm - 6:30pm MDT

Hustle Workspace Women's Coworking
Loveland, CO

Ticket : $25 for non-members

Networking is the pits.
Dames Happier Hours
are the fix!

Dames Small Group

If the words "networking event" make you want to crawl under your desk or throw your phone out the nearest window, we're right there with you.

Happier Hours are structured to help you make the most of your time with everyone you connect with.

Facilitated connective activities will help you:

  • Meet more high-caliber women in a shorter period of time
  • Build lifelong friendships, thought partnerships, referral relationships, and more
  • Solve your most pressing challenges 
  • Radically collaborate to unlock your next job, ideal project, or dream client
Every small group activity will help you to climb through collaboration. 
We call it's how networking should be!


What to expect from this event
& our community at large


  • Women at the top of six and seven-figure businesses, corporations, and nonprofits
  • Generosity, collaboration, and unvarnished storytelling
  • Zero pitching, business card swapping, or transactional conversations
  • You’ll learn how to tap into this high-caliber, high-octane international community through Dames membership - your life and career will never be the same
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Hustle Workshop is a coworking space in Northern Colorado where women are celebrated, encouraged, and supported. Our culture emphasizes professional and personal growth, inviting women to cheer each other on through intentional collaboration and career development courses. Our goal is to bring community members together across all professions and industries. Female business entrepreneurs, artists, creators, strategists, and visionaries are welcome here, because Hustle Workshop is for the women looking to level-up. It’s the perfect place to pour your soul into work that gives you purpose & find community in like-minded women.

Hustle Workshop was founded by successful northern Colorado attorney, business leader, and working mother, started her law practice in 2015 with a new baby on her hip, and just one client. There was no flexible workspace, and she had no childcare. Kelli knows the barriers to women entering and staying in the workforce are high, and this dream workspace helps break those barriers down, and support the whole working woman.

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Wednesday , November 16, 2022

4:30pm- 6:30pm MDT


Hustle Workspace Women's Coworking
Loveland, CO



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