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"Whenever I'm around fun, funny, loud, brash, powerhouse women, I get energized and feel like we can take on the world" - Ashley Quinto Powell

We’ve learned that when you “get out of seriousness” for an evening that you make deeper connections than at your typical, buttoned-up networking event.

The Dames events are a spunky, energy-filled mixture of connection, laughter and illumination. Devotees come to rub elbows with women who are at or above their level instead of fending off “business card stabbers” to find the one potential collaborator in the mix.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You own and/or lead a six or seven-figure business
  • OR you are a senior leader of a large corporation or nonprofit (directors, VPs and C-Suite executives)
  • Your organization is mission-driven and makes a positive impact
  • You love to collaborate with and learn from other female business leaders
  • You’re up for a night of laughter and fun at a non-traditional networking event

If so, you’ll fit right in at The Dames and find yourself surrounded by like-minded women who are ready to reach new heights together (and have fun in the process)!

Event Details

We are having a mega Dames extravaganza ONLINE event on April 8th to substitute any in-person connection for the month of April.


Event Lineup

Our Comedy Nights feature:

  • Time to intentionally connect with strategic partners
  • Witty words from Madison Chapter President, Ashley Quinto Powell
  • A comedian or humor-forward speaker to enchant us
  • A “Dame of Influence” or “Nonprofit in the Spotlight” award presentation. The women we recognize with The Dames Award meet the following criteria:
    • Are women who own and operate seven-figure (million-dollar) businesses
    • Are women who are nominated by The Dames community
    • Are women who have become mentors and motivators in our community
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This Event's Award Recipient:

Amber Swenor

As a rebel-spirited transformational life and business strategist, Amber Swenor helps heart-centered business leaders to grow businesses that are aligned to their vision, authentic to them, and are both impactful and profitable.

In April 2015, she created Strategic Partners, a brand strategy and marketing firm that provides both high level strategy and marketing execution services to an underserved small business market. More importantly, she had a goal to create a workplace culture where all individuals with a variety of strengths would be celebrated, and could thrive.

Since that time, Amber has grown from solopreneur to a team of 7 and over $1M annual revenue in under four years, while creating a flexible workplace culture for the team, and while supporting her personal dreams as a musician.

This Event's Entertainer:

Audrey Boyle

Audrey Boyle believes the quickest way to common ground for people is laughter. She is grateful that people laugh when she delivers comedy through speaking engagements, blogs, sketch videos, and interviews. After stepping down as one of the youngest Vice Presidents for Home Depot at age 29, she became a college professor teaching personal branding and social media marketing. With a social media following of over 100k, her classes at Forbes Business School get as much hands-on experience and insider information as she can provide them. She is co-founder of an educational Think Tank, Hallpass Education, where she and her team are bridging the gap between academia and reality with innovative coursework.

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Event Details

We are having a mega Dames extravaganza ONLINE event on April 8th to substitute any in-person connection for the month of April.


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