Dames of Phoenix & Scottsdale

Do you put the “power” in powerhouse?

Do you own and operate a six or seven-figure business?

Are you a senior leader (director to C-level) at a corporation or nonprofit?

Ever feel tired of being so serious all the time?

Do you hunger for authentic camaraderie and mentorship from influential female leaders like yourself?

Would you like the ability to make deep connections online (ones that fuel your business and life)?

Yup, that’s me to a T. Count me in!

So Many Ways to Connect

Extravaganza Events

Check your "serious face" at the door and forget any stressed-out-overwhelmed-I'm over this week thoughts to laugh and connect with powerhouse women like you. (Phoenix/Scottsdale Dames chapter members attend for free!)

The Dames...Digital-Style!

Fact: As the power pump-wearing woman that you are, the last thing you need is another meeting to drive to. Our membership has numerous unique & powerful online events that occur every week online, giving you the flexibility to tune in from any chair anywhere in the world! And an astonishing, strategic way to get connected to the people you need to know right now to catapult you to the next level!

Million Dollar Power Hours

Join our seven-figure business owners for virtual lessons on how to get your business to that million dollar mark and beyond. Learn from their pitfalls, achievements, and stories. Why reinvent the wheel when our community of award-winning business owners lay a great foundation for you?

Next Level Growth Sessions

Skills you actually want for the stage of business you're in. You request the topics and we source invaluable content from leaders around the country! Develop yourself, both professionally and personally, with the help of our carefully-selected subject matter experts.

And, just like our Million Dollar Power Hours, these trainings are always virtual (meaning you’ll enjoy them from the device of your choice).

The Dames Digital Learning Library

There’s no question that the learning curve of building a business is steep. That’s why we created the The Dames Digital Learning Library—to provide you with essential solutions and skills you can use to tackle the challenges we all face in the marketplace.

Even if you’ve just joined our community, you’ll get instant access to every power hour and growth session we’ve ever recorded.

Virtual Happy Hours

We don’t believe there should such a thing as “alone at the top,” and our virtual happy hours are the proof.

There is no other group in the country that connects powerhouse women the way we do. We laugh. We help each other grow. We gain a cooperative advantage by making strategic connections on a regular basis, without the hassle of rush hour traffic.

Find a power partner, get advice, spotlight your business, ask for referrals, all from couch.

This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for, where can I apply?!

Relentless Value

Join The Dames for a monthly investment of only $67 per month and we know you will love who you meet and what you learn. The ROI on your investment is ten-fold.

**Virtual membership is available to qualifying women who work and live more than 75 miles away from a local chapter. In-person event tickets are not included in the price of the virtual membership; virtual members may only participate in virtual events.

***Please note, direct selling, multilevel marketing business models are not permitted.

What’s Included in the Dames Membership?


$67? That’s less than my last networking brunch!

Get To Know Us

Want to check out a Dames Comedy Night in-person event before you sign up? We know you’ll get a kick out of our humor-centered events and we can’t wait to meet you too. Click below to register for our next event!

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We’re Ready to Talk

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