Meet The Dames host, Nancy Haboush

Have you heard of a Vistage Group? These exclusive peer advisory groups, help CEOs and Executive Leaders make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes. To accomplish this, the groups leverage the collective knowledge of its members, connects them with world-class speakers and handpicked CEO coaches to provide mentorship and problem-solving. These coaches are the keepers of resources, knowledge, connections and experience. Enter Nancy Haboush, Vistage Coach and the new Northern Colorado Dames host.

We love Nancy, and we know you will too, so let us share a little about Nancy, her background and her story to help all of us get to know her better before we meet her in person next month. Nancy will help bring the laughter, love and recognizable commaradary of our in-person Dames events to the Northern Colorado business community on November 14.

Get to know Nancy, read some of the answers Nancy had for our questions to get to know her before joining us in November.

The Dames: Tell us something FUN or FUNNY about you.
Nancy Haboush (NH):I grew up in Iowa – so from time to time my Midwest accent returns – my o’s get longer and I use measurements like ‘a titch’ or a ‘shitload’ and possess seemingly useless talents like playing the church organ. (legit) Growing up on a farm taught me a lot about community and the strength of having a great one that you can count on for sharing your stories and harnessing support.

The Dames: What is your most proud accomplishment in the last year?
NH: I hired my first executive administrative assistant! She increased my productivity and efficiency and I’m a believer! She had to move on to support her husband’s business, so I’m currently looking for a new one!

Dames: What is your favorite question to ask to really get to know someone?
NH: If you had to sum your life up by only five significant moments, what would they be?

Dames: What is the biggest challenge you hear from women business owners in your Vistage groups? What advice do you have to help overcome this challenge?
NH: Finding time for themselves – to follow their passions or just relax. By the time they’re done taking care of their company, their team, their family…they’re happy to just put their feet up for a bit – and it’s hard to find the time / plan for things that feed their soul. Exhaustion I think is the word.

My best advice? Make yourself the priority and schedule time as often as you need it (there’s no cookie cutter answer that fits everyone). The secret is to schedule what YOUR needs are – but to schedule it as if it’s with the most important person in the world to you – because it is.

Dames: Tell us how you incorporate love, laughter and community into the work you do?
NH: Well, I certainly intend to bring love to all that I do. I love helping leaders be the best version of themselves. That seems to start with loving themselves wherever they are… discovering where they want to be… identifying the gap and working to close the gap from what is reality today and what their desire is for manifesting what’s possible.

I love the process, the passion and creation of our highest and best selves and witnessing my clients live into that reality.

Dames: What's your favorite thing to laugh to (specific movie, tv show, or comic)?
NH: I think sitcoms about real life – I’m a fan of Last Man Standing, Grace and Frankie, Friends, etc. Things that really happen – life that isn’t taken too seriously but still deals with serious issues – and then total ridiculousness like anything Robin Williams or Chevy Chase.

Dames: This year's American Express women-owned business report indicates that women owned businesses have grown exponentially over the last 7 years. What's your initial reaction to that and have you seen a shift in the business culture and your Vistage groups dynamics as a result?
NH: My reaction is Whoo-hoo! That’s awesome sauce! I was a Vistage member back in 2004 and our Vistage CEO group only had two women. Today, my Vistage groups have 40% women led / owned companies so 14 years later, I definitely see the trend. The group dynamics are enriched by diversity. I do believe we’re all better for the gender diversity as inspiration and hope that all people can do whatever they set their hearts and minds to achieve.

Dames: What piece of advice would you give to a woman owning a business is looking to get to the $250k revenue mark?
NH: Don’t try to do it alone. Find your tribe. Once you’ve built your business plan, be adaptable. Seek help from local resources to nail down the processes so your growth is sustainable.

Dames: What about a woman looking to get to that $1M mark? (The goal of The Dames.)
NH: Stay in your tribe. Make sure you have an incredible executive assistant. Find a mentor that’s outside of your competitive region – and in your industry - and understand what the business looks like at $1M. Know your numbers.

Dames: What excites you the most about joining The Dames community in this new capacity?
NH: The ability to bring successful women together in a nurturing and uplifting environment and create community. I love the focus on laughter – I appreciate the short format to recognize women business leaders in an intimate setting. Being affirmed feels a lot like love.

We look forward to seeing you on November 14, meeting Nancy and our new members to be in Northern Colorado. Click here to register today!

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