Living and working outside of the US?

If you’re in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South or Central America,
our virtual chapter is made for you!

You’ll not only connect with other International Dames, but with hundreds of North America-based Dames too, who are ready to connect, expand, impact and influence radical change on the world stage.

If your CV reads that you’re…

A high-caliber leader of a multinational company with significant leadership or management experience.

Top talent earning in the top 15% of your field.

Committed to embracing both a growth AND a connection mindset.

Ready to leave list-building, sales-y networking in the past.

Looking to grow as a leader and maximize your impact.

Focused on enjoying your high-quality business and your high-quality life.

then you're ready for the massive growth, magnetic collaboration, and global connection The Dames delivers!

One community. No boundaries.

Leadership, Confidence, and Aligned Teams. Personal Development and Strategic Collaborative Support. Maximized Revenue and Profit. Shared Brilliance. Around the World.

Just $97/Month or $1,067/Year.

Expand beyond the corners of where you happen to live, and start connecting across time zones, perspectives, cultures, and with other ridiculously brilliant brains to collaborate with other top-tier women who own and run high-caliber businesses around the globe.

Bring your gifts to the table without hidden agendas, pitches, or ginormous egos. Nope, that’s not us. We aren’t your typical ‘business networking group.’ We’re here for YOU, not your profession, first and foremost. The resounding benefits you’ll see in your business and career as a direct result? Well, that’s just the cherry on top.

You have a mission. We’re here to help you take it to the next level (and the next, and the next, and the next). Because when we each explore our own mission, we rise up - together.

International Dames France

Who ARE The Dames?

  • We’re high-caliber women who refuse to trade joy for outdated ladder-climbing.
  • We say no to “sales pitch networking” and yes to shared contribution and relationship building.
  • We’re Power Partners working in conscious businesses and believe in the exponential potential of giving and sharing ideas.
  • We hold one another’s feet to the fire to joyfully sprint toward what once felt out of reach.
  • We’re relentlessly committed to deep relationships, right-fit referrals, and lasting collaborations that move mountains.

We believe in a world where more women reach the top 15% in our fields - without missing out on life.

Who joins our international chapters?

American expats living abroad

Your conscious business is plugged directly into the US-based market, but you don’t live there.

So how in the world do you get the same partnerships or collaboration that you’d receive from a US-based group?

The International Dames are all that and a bag of chips: collaborators, connectors, masterminds and power partners who believe that deep, authentic relationships are at the heart of all growth - both business and personal.

Rely on this community without boundaries to unite each and every one of your goals with the actions you need to take to make them happen, the support to feel held accountable, and the community and friendships that will lift you up through the inevitable challenging moments.

(Yep, it’s the price we pay for chasing- and BUILDING- our big dreams!)

Collaborators from around the globe

You’re rising up. You’re breaking barriers. You’re owning how powerful and impactful your presence can be in this world. Do you have to do it alone?

No! In fact, we recommend you do NOT!

Are you one of the first in your family, your community, or your region to be doing the kind of impactful work that leads to world-changing action? Do you find that many of the people around you, especially other women, ‘just don’t get it?’ You’re ready to connect with like-minded passionate women making the same kinds of strides. Are you looking to access or understand economically strong markets around the world? We do that, too. 

You’re a rarity. But no matter what you’re up to creating, there are women around the globe crushing the same limitations as you are. 

It’s time to find them.

Ditch the ladder. Dive into the ocean.

Stop measuring success based on US-centric (or your country’s) traditional values.

Start owning your own version of personal and professional success.

Start stepping into the power of a community that has the knowledge, commitment, and skills to have your back.


We navigate time, distance, and space to create community

Here are the top benefits of joining the International Dames. Buckle up!

There’s magic in the connection between women who light up a room.

We intentionally disburse our calls to accommodate global time zones so that you can participate whether you’re joining a call at 9:00 or 20:00.

We believe that a time zone can’t keep you from your biggest and best self-actualization and we are the community that will make it happen - alongside you.

And with a number of women in different positions, regions, and industries around the world, we conveniently remove the feeling of isolation or echo chambers many women traditionally experience.

How we operate through our core values

Deep, authentic relationships are the foundation of our collective mission. We:

Trade High-Stress For High-Caliber

 We’re here to help women work less while achieving more. Our chapters vanquish overbooked calendars by bringing together world-class women and ceaselessly confronting the myth of “virtuous hustle.”

Collaborate, Fearlessly

We climb through connection - rather than competition - with levels of empathy, intuition, love, and generosity on par with that of Princess Diana (we are Dames, after all). We believe there is endless room at the top.

Get Out of Serious

We laugh out loud and OFTEN because it’s the signature of joy, a catalyst for creativity, and vital in breaking through to limitless growth. It’s how we escape the illusion of scarcity, as well as the nagging temptation to throw in the towel.

Evolve in Broad Daylight

We consider the mess of change as beautiful, necessary, and machine-washable. We share transparent stories around our wins and battle scars because there are no mistakes - only insights that bring us all closer to the seven-figure mark and beyond.


“If you’re living outside of the US, but working- or wanting to work- in the US, then you NEED to be a Dame."

Since joining the Dames, as an American expat currently living in Europe, my business has completely changed in the best ways possible. Every single nook and cranny has been elevated: the caliber of clients I work with, the quality of my power partnerships, the rate that my business- and my mindset- are growing, and of course, my revenue which has more than doubled directly as a result of this phenomenal group of passionate, badass women doing big, badass things! When a membership pays for itself in less than a week, it’s a no-brainer.

- Erin Thomas, Erin Thomas Communications, International Virtual Dame

Your commitment

  • Lead or own your for-profit or non-profit company that grosses within the top 15% of earnings in your industry or country
  • Hold a Director, Senior Leadership, Senior Executive, or equivalent position within such an organization
  • Lead with both growth AND connection mindsets
  • Align with our core values and commit to serving global, radical change