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✅  Women running/leading companies in the top 3%
✅  Dames = female knights! We act on our missions with integrity
✅  Impact-driven, growth focused, yet generous thinkers
✅  BS-free straight talkers; positive, caring, courageous women
✅  Women who want to help other women succeed in their epic visions

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Ellen Melko Moore

"The Dames provides that rarest and most desirable asset for professional women - a loving, supportive ecology of women who are succeeding at the highest levels, but also deeply invested in community and lifelong learning. Since joining the Dames we've been overwhelmed with growth opportunities, adding an extra 6 figures to our revenue AND getting access to more exclusive business women."
- Ellen Melko Moore, Supertight LinkedIn / Supertight Digital

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Are you an impact-driven woman running a six or seven figure business? Do you hold a Director's role (or higher) in a large organization and are you on a mission to positively impact the world? If you meet requirements and collaboration is your default setting, we want you at the table!