The Dames
First Annual FunFerence
& VIP Mastermind
October 2022

Curated, expert support for solving your most pressing challenges. For Dames running companies with revenues $250K and up.

Cut to the core of what’s holding you back, establish step-by-by actions for maintaining the health of your business, and develop deeper connections and collaborations to support you while you move forward.

Golden, Colorado

Oct 13-15, 2022


A mastermind designed around your needs

Where could you most use outside expertise and eyes in your business right now?

Answer that question when you register and we’ll use your responses to provide customized learning and support in one of four key business areas.


Cash flow, budgeting, tracking & reviewing - leap over 7-figure mark or towards the multi-seven figure mark.


Processes and systems that are actually utilized on the daily by you and your teams to scale with ease.

Hiring & Retention

Fixing the issues preventing you from building, developing, and keeping the team that you need.

Sales & Marketing

Building repeatable, scalable, reliable marketing and sales for growth and stability.

Virtual warm-up sessions leading up to our event will allow you to create a safe space with other participants while separating the “easy to complain about” from the true core of your challenges. On the big day you’ll come together in small groups with expert facilitators and trainers to determine the actions you’ll take for keeping your challenge area healthy.


Define “schedule” however you like. You can come to all the activities or just a few, we trust your intuition to tell you what’s right - likewise, we reserve the right to change our itinerary or to take possession of your favorite sunglasses without notice.

Oct. 13, 9:30am MT - 1pm MT

Day 1, Part I:


Receive expert education, peer support, and the deep diving and ideation you need to create an action plan for overcoming your most pressing challenges.

Day 1 Part 1

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Determine your focus and the exact knowledge you need during our virtual warm-up sessions
  • Learn from leaders of $1M+ companies - experts who are actively engaged in their fields
  • Ideate and brainstorm in small groups - tackle your challenge from multiple angles 
  • Walk away with a repeatable plan to gain and maintain the health in the areas your company will benefit from most

Oct. 13, 3pm MT - 9pm MT

Day 1, Part II: Compelling


Day one will take you from feeling foggy about your big picture, to communicating your vision in a way that your partners truly connect with and regularly act upon.

FunFerence Image (3) Speaker

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Fun, connection and depth - yup, we’ve booked comedians!
  • Pinpoint the most important elements of your big vision AND translate your vision into a meaningful, actionable plan
  • Shine on light how you hold yourself back and break through them to increase your impact
  • Lessons and exercises in transformational and visual storytelling - get immediate feedback on your vision
  • “Better Together” Dinner - discover your commonalities, all while enjoying a thoughtfully curated dinner experience (dinner is included with your ticket)
  • Then, continue the party by dancing the night away with your fellow Dames

Oct. 14, 7am MT - 5pm MT

Day 2:


Go from merely “chipping away” at relationships, to rapidly deepening them (with any personality type) through low-stress systems for staying in touch.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Stretch it out at morning yoga
  • 4 Power Partner Archetypes - quickly identify needs and get the results you’re looking for from these long-term relationships 
  • Create a customized plan, process, and system for nurturing and maintaining your relationships that also ensures that you make measurable progress toward your goals
  • Learn methods for setting/receiving boundaries, making big asks, and supporting each other
  • Lunch is provided and there will be an optional "Trusting Your Intuition to Develop Safe Relationships" activity

Oct. 15, Morning

Day 3:
Carefree Connection


We encourage you to stay in town through the 15th. You will have two additional unstructured opportunities to connect with your fellow Dames.

Choose between:

  • Hike at Matthews Winters Park (an easy hike for all levels)
  • Hang out with your fellow Dames to spend more quality time together

Should you attend?

This event is for you if you're...

✅ Repeatedly baffled by the same challenge area, despite being smart, capable, and so very talented.
✅ Looking for thought partnerships with other Dames at the mid-six and seven figure level.
✅ Teetering between feeling reluctant to ask for help OR wondering if you’re being way too demanding.
✅ Desiring to increase the abundance of your organization and your bottom line.
✅ Wanting to get outside of your “bubble” because you’ve been meeting too many people just like you.

Wait until next time if you...

✋Need a “magic pill” or believe it’s possible to solve all of your problems in ½ day (‘cuz no mastermind is THAT good!)
✋Haven’t yet completed the basics of our Power Partner System. 
✋Are unsure if  you're ready for rapid growth. We believe in doing this work only when the time is right!
✋Feel desperate for leads and that’s the only reason you’re building power partnerships - not our zone!
✋Are in a place where you’re closed off energetically (which is okay - we’ll see you when you’re feeling open).

If you're not yet a member of The Dames, please sign up for a Dames Virtual Roundtable or contact to learn how you can become a member and attend Funference 2022!

Funference Speakers & Facilitators

Facilitators of the VIP Mastermind are in the works! You can rest assured these will be women at
the top of their game running 7-figure + companies.

Jenny Glick
Jenny Glick

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist

Christy Belz
Christy Belz

Founder, Empowerment Coaching & Consulting
Empowering Women to live their most authentic lives

Dr. Minette Riordan
Dr. Minette Riordan

Artist, Writer, Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Creativity Advocate

Meghann Conter

The Dames Founder, Creator of the Dames Power Partner Strategic Matchmaking System™, and edutainment performer

Makisha Booth
Makisha Booth

Founder, Sistahbiz Global Network
A community for Black women entrepreneurs aspiring toward 6-figure success

vanessa-shaw-1000x1500-compressed (1) (2) (1)
Vanessa Shaw

CEO & Founder, Business Growth Academy - Pay yourself a fabulous income & get rich without being a b!t¢h

Susan Frew 2022
Susan Frew

Business Growth Director and Professional Speaker at Raincatcher

Valerie Briley
Valerie Briley

Founder of Reveal Business Solutions - getting businesses on track with a clear view of their numbers

Erin Longmoon
Erin Longmoon

Founder & CEO of Zephyr Connects LLC - Helping Small Business attract, hire, and retain IDEAL FIT™ employees

Dafne Tsakiris
Dafne Tsakiris

Systems, Processes, & Scalability Expert for 7-Figure Businesses

Wendy Lea
Wendy Lea

CEO & Co-Founder, Energize Colorado - building resilient ecosystems aligned for growth through collaboration


Tickets include the two-day event, yoga, hike, dinner, and lunch. Travel and hotel fares are NOT included.

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Book Your Hotel Room

We’ve selected The Origin Hotel in the heart of the soul-filled Red Rocks in Golden, CO. Join us for this exclusive two-day event where we’ll blend comedy, improv, dance, and good old conversations to combine learning and immediate implementation to change your approach to connection and growth forever.


Please contact Lara Smedley at with any questions.



We recommend taking the RTD Light Rail to The Origin Red Rocks from the airport when you arrive. Here's how:
Take the A Line from DIA to Union Station (43 minutes).
Transfer to W Line from Union Station to Jefferson County Government Center - Golden Station - 605 Johnson Rd, Golden, CO 80401 (47 minutes).
Uber/Lyft to The Origin Hotel - 18485 W Colfax Ave, Golden, CO 80401 (about 5 minutes).

1% of our proceeds go to

Sistahbiz-2-Color-Logo-with-Tagline (2)

Sistahbiz Global Network is a business accelerator providing affordable options for coaching, training and services to help Black women build scalable, sellable models and access the back office support, financial and social capital that they need to play big in business.