Orange County

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Meet Olympia

Orange County is home to almost 418,000 women-owned businesses, ranking 6th in number of women-owned businesses in the nation.

The county, along with parts of northern San Diego boasts an ecosystem of entrepreneurial women moving mountains in verticals such as Financial Services, Real Estate, Healthcare, Banking, Law, Accounting and successful, growth and stability Coaches and Consultants —so the fact that these businesses average less than $200,000 in annual revenue can come as a surprise.

Olympia Hostler, Chapter Host and The ‘Queen of Wealth,’ is here to help us change that. She knows Orange County like the back of her hand, and after shaping company cultures, building communities, and tackling complex business challenges for more than 35 years, Olympia knows what it takes to take any business to the million dollar mark (and beyond!)

Known by some as the “The Golden Goose,” Olympia has launched and lead successful, multimillion dollar businesses in Real Estate, Health and Wellness, Retail and Wholesale, International Importing and Sales, Aerospace Engineering, Restaurant, and Winery industries. Name the pitfall, celebration, giant success, or business nightmare, and Olympia has been there! Today, she helps ambitious women leaders eradicate self-sabotaging money blocks and scale their businesses so they can work less, make more, and live free through her “WOMEN CHOOSE WEALTH: The Ultimate Money Reset™” program.

Olympia knows success. Olympia knows how to harness power and bust through the obstacles we share as women. But most importantly for us, Olympia knows how to get out of serious to create authentic connection; that’s why we’re so excited to have her as a Chapter Host.

Fun Facts About Olympia
  • Fun is her middle name
  • She has been to Hawaii 39 times and counting!
  • She loves eating watermelon and broccoli (really)
  • She is a dolphin aficionado
  • Her “bend, don’t break” mindset is best demonstrated by the fact that she is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor