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“Laugh and who cares if the world laughs with you or not!” -- Meghann Conter

We’ve learned that when you “get out of seriousness” for an evening that you make deeper connections than at your typical, buttoned-up networking event.

The Dames events are a spunky, energy-filled mixture of connection, laughter and illumination. Devotees come to rub elbows with women who are at or above their level instead of fending off “business card stabbers” to find the one potential collaborator in the mix.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You own and/or lead a six or seven-figure business
  • You are a senior leader of a corporation or nonprofit (directors, VPs and C-Suite executives)
  • Your organization is cause-based and you are on a mission to make an impact
  • You love to collaborate with and learn from other female business leaders
  • You’re up for a night of laughter and fun at a non-traditional networking event

If so, you’ll fit right in at The Dames and find yourself surrounded by like-minded women who are ready to reach new heights together (and have fun in the process)!

Event Details

Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Tickets are $45
CTRL Collective Denver - LoDo
1800 Wazee St, 3rd Floor, Denver, CO 80202

Event Lineup

Our Comedy Nights feature:

  • Time to intentionally connect with strategic partners
  • Witty words from Dames Founder and marketing expert Meghann Conter,
  • A comedian or humor-forward speaker to enchant us
  • An “Evolving Woman in Business” or “Nonprofit in the Spotlight” award presentation. The women we recognize with The Dames Award meet the following criteria:
    • Are women who own and operate seven-figure (million-dollar) businesses
    • Are women who are nominated by The Dames community
    • Are women who have become mentors and motivators in our community
Kari Knutson Head shot email
This Event's Entertainer:

Kari Knutson
Speaker, School Counselor, Storyteller, Mother, Closet Rap Arist and Chronic Extrovert

The term “emotional intelligence” (often abbreviated as EQ for “emotional quotient”) is part of our popular culture. It’s the rare person who hasn’t heard the term and even thrown it around in casual conversation. But do you really know what it means and how to use it? Emotional Intelligence is a powerful tool that can positively impact how you engage and respond to the world around you. Developing your EQ can help you become more resilient, increase your productivity, help you communicate more effectively, and give you better outcomes for mental and physical health. This presentation will show you how EQ can go from being a buzzword something that you can actually use to have a huge impact on your personal and professional success and on your bottom line.

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Our next event is from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on December 4, 2018

Tickets are $45

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Julia Sewell
{her}ald Coaching and Consulting

Julia Sewell is the Founder of {her}ald Coaching and Consulting. She has dedicated her career to empowering Financial Advisors with the skills to grow their practices, offices and lives into places of apex performance and achievement. Her conviction for this endeavor comes from her own experiences with the power of individualized performance coaching in her own life.
In addition to her decade plus of experience in top tier production in both sales and recruiting/leadership, Julia holds the certifications of Master Performance Consultant, Certified Coach and Certified Master Trainer. She has singlehandedly grown her coaching firm’s revenue from zero to $250k+ in less than 18 months of practice, and uses the same selling, time management, and accountability techniques for herself that she teaches her clients.


Teri Karjala
Talking With Teri

Teri Karjala is a published author, coach and as an extension of her 19-year old counseling practice, she founded Talking With Teri to support women entrepreneurs in an explosive, innovative, and transformational way. Teri’s clients come to her consumed by fear, riddled with unconscious limiting beliefs, and addicted to self-sabotage... all of which means long days and hard work with flat, lack-luster results. Teri unique approach combines her experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor and credentialed trauma therapist with empowering, outside-the-box tools and her intuition to help women entrepreneurs unleash their greatest transformation to catapult their business and generate more money, more time, and more freedom... with a lot less effort. To grab a free Transformation Session with Teri, where she’ll share tools customized for your unique situation, Click Here.

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