Phoenix & Scottsdale

Immediate Inspiration, Creativity, & Connection

If you know and love Scottsdale as much as we do, you know it’s SO MUCH MORE than a hotbed for startups and technology firms! "The West's Most Western Town" is teaming with brilliant women moving and shaking in areas like healthcare, finance, law, real estate, small business services as well as hospitality & retail — but just where do they let their hair down? We thought you’d never ask.

What to Expect From Your First Phoenix/Scottsdale Dames Event

We won’t lie: This is the kind of thing that you’ll feel like you’re missing out big time if you can’t make it. Prepare to make the connections you’ve always dreamed of (with more laughing and zero pitching while the magic happens). We’re talking about capital-W Wholehearted women who are growing real businesses.

Phoenix & Scottsdale Dames is the place where you can bring both your talents and vulnerabilities, be welcomed beyond belief, then walk away knowing you have the strategies and connections you’ve been looking for all along. This is more than a networking group…we’ll go so far as to call it a movement.

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Meet Vanessa Shaw
Phoenix & Scottsdale Chapter President

The key to Vanessa’s success isn’t the ability to channel her inner Chrissie Evert or Carrie Bradshaw on command; it’s knowing never to channel them at the same time! Originally from the UK, Vanessa is an International Business and Success Coach with more than 15 years of experience working with business leaders (including those with The World Economic Forum, Oracle, Sandler Training and within the International Coach Federation). “You can’t do it all alone and you MUST surround yourself with others ready to have higher-level conversations.” Vanessa is transparent in sharing her own struggles, bold when asking questions, and unstoppable when it comes to helping other women build their visions at a rapid clip. When you see her at our next event, ask her about the time she “accidentally” won a puppy at auction!