The Number One City in The U.S. For Successful Women

↑ That’s according to Forbes (so we’re running with it), and the numbers don’t lie: As a city, we have the most successful women per capita, the 6th highest rate of female business owners nationwide, and 20% of women here earn $75K+ each year. Stack that with an off-the-charts sense of community, straight-shooting Midwestern values, plus a low cost of living, and it’s easy to see why so many Madison women are entrepreneurs—the water is just fine—IF you’ve got the right network of women by your side!

What to Expect From Your First Madison Dames Event

Connection. Levity. Support. FUN. Let’s be honest: “Serious” and “successful” can often mean “stuffy,” and you get enough of that from your accountant. Yes, everyone at a Madison Dames event will understand the challenges you face. Yes, we’re here to bring women performing at high levels together, to push each other forward, and... you’ll let your hair down and laugh A LOT in the process. We’re here to pump you up and beat stress down so that you can hit it hard in your business.

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Meet Ashley Quinto Powell, Madison Chapter President

An entrepreneur of many years, Ashley Quinto Powell has fostered a huge network of fun, spunky, change-making women. Uniting them with a Dames Chapter was a no-brainer. “This community’s mission is so amazingly fitting with my own commitment to lift up women.” Ashley is a sales and revenue consultant and has worked in technical sales since 2008, closing more than $20M in sales during her career. She has been named a Brava Woman to Watch, an InBusiness Magazine 40 Under 40, and was a 2018 Athena Award nominee. When she’s not supporting women in business, or sharing her insights as a national speaker - most recently for the Illinois Technology Association, Pinterest - you can find Ashley hiking, biking, covered in paint, or napping...yes, she sleeps! We were shocked too!