Northern Colorado


Meet Nancy

Nancy met Meghann Conter (founder of The Dames) in early 2018. Having discovered her long-lost sister, they both knew they needed to work together. Nancy is the Dames’ first Host – launching NoCo Dames.

Nancy is a full-time coach. She started her coaching journey by launching a Vistage CEO group in 2014 and now has a Key Executive group as well as a Vistage Inside group. She also provides one on one coaching with people looking to increase their effectiveness in life and business.

Nancy spent 25 years in the formalwear industry – Her experience included coaching and training CEO’s and executives across the country on strategy, culture, and communication. Considered an expert in the retail industry, she was asked to speak nationally at the annual conventions and mastered the art of facilitating meetings, retreats, and difficult conversations during this stage of her career.

Her down to earth approach is relatable and she is an advocate for living an integrated life vs. the elusive balanced life. While creating her professional career, she and her husband Chuck navigated a non-traditional household and managed to raise three children and ideally created a life where she could indeed ‘have it all.’

Fun Facts About Nancy
  • Her big why is to help others live the life they’ve always imagined. Today.
  • She loves a room full of people. Particularly on Thanksgiving.
  • She loves ‘being’ in nature. This includes a leisurely stroll in the woods or sitting by a babbling brook vs. riding a bike in a vertical position or climbing a mountain.
  • She’s an Iowa farm girl – which means should you ever go through a rough patch, you may find her on your doorstep with a casserole.
  • In her free time you’ll find her traveling, cooking, reading, drinking coffee on her deck or painting her kitchen for the third time…this year.