The Dames Chicago

Connection. Levity. Support. FUN. Let’s be honest: “Serious” and “successful” can often mean “stuffy,” and you get enough of that from your accountant. Yes, everyone at a Madison Dames event will understand the challenges you face. Yes, we’re here to bring women performing at high levels together, to push each other forward, and... you’ll let your hair down and laugh A LOT in the process.

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Meet Ashley Quinto Powell
Chapter President

An entrepreneur of many years, Ashley Quinto Powell has fostered a network of fun, spunky, change-making women. Uniting them with not one, but two Dames chapters was a no-brainer. “This community’s mission is so amazingly fitting with my own commitment to lift up women.” When she’s not supporting women in business, or sharing her insights as a national speaker - most recently for the Illinois Technology Association, Pinterest - you can find Ashley hiking, biking, covered in paint, or napping...yes, she sleeps! We were shocked too!

Join The Dames Chicago - Just $##/Month!

Million Dollar Power Hours

Join our seven-figure business owners for virtual lessons on how to get your business to that million dollar mark and beyond. Learn from their pitfalls, achievements, and stories. Why reinvent the wheel? Let our community of award-winning business owners lay a foundation for you!

Next-Level Growth Sessions

Skills you actually want for the stage of business you're in. You request the topics and we source invaluable content from leaders nationwide! Develop yourself, professionally and personally, with the help of our carefully-selected subject matter experts.

Virtual Hug & Huddle

Each month we feature new virtual members in a live online ‘fireside chat’ format. Get to know your fellow virtual members, share your wins and goals, and mastermind solutions to your challenges. All from your smart device!

Dames Connect Hours (B2B/B2C)

Find a power partner, get advice, spotlight your business, ask for referrals, all from the couch. Cross-refer business and resources and collaborate during these events! These events are worth the bandwidth you’ll dedicate to them.

Digital Learning Library

Even if you’ve just joined our community, you’ll get instant access to every Power Hour, Virtual Hug & Huddle, and Growth Session we’ve ever recorded. Cut your learning curve with essential solutions and skills you can use to tackle the challenges we all face in the today’s economy.

In-Person Events

To us, laughter isn’t just medicine—it’s a catalyst for building relationships and crushing through obstacles. Our local chapter events harness this power at every turn. You can also attend other chapter events at a discounted rate!

What to Expect From
Chicago Events

We won’t lie: This is the kind of thing that you’ll feel like you’re missing out big time if you can’t make it. Prepare to make the connections you’ve always dreamed of (with more laughing and zero pitching while the magic happens). We’re talking about capital-W Wholehearted women who are growing real companies and working toward epic missions.