The Dame of Influence Award Nomination Form

The Dame of Influence Award recognizes female business leaders for the superior accomplishment of defying statistics to reach great heights in their companies.

Only 2% of female-owned businesses in the U.S. ever go over the million dollar revenue mark. A small percentage of women make it into the highest levels of largest corporations, and into esteemed government positions. The Dames honors these spectacular women at our in-person chapter events for their contribution and leadership. Dames of Influence become mentors to our members in a way that honors their time with the utmost respect, and provides The Dames community with a view of what is possible! The Dames is a nationwide organization; please read more at

In order for a woman to become the recipient of this award, she must be nominated by her coworkers or peers and her company must qualify by earning over $1 million in annual revenue for at least one year, and she must be able to be present at one of our in-person events to receive the award. Thank you in advance for your nominations!